About PADI Mermaid

Mermaids at the Sea-Ment Pond

For centuries people around the world have been facinated by mermaid lore told by sailors and residents of coastal towns. For most, these stories only bring more curiosity for people seeking to find these mythical creatures. But for others, its more about becomming one! Have you ever wanted to be a Mermaid? Well now you can! Keep one foot in reality and the other in fantasy with the new PADI Mermaid Program!

Mermaiding is rewarding and fun experience designed for divers and non-divers alike with an interest in mermaid diving and basic swimming. Although it does share techniques used in both SCUBA and Freediving- Mermaid Diving is a form all of it's own and combined with Fin-Fun equipment and costuming it allows you to discover the mermaid world like never before!

Are you ready to become a real life mermaid?

Click on the link for our new Discover Mermaid Program and get started, or call our shell-phone at the shop to find out more!

Ready to skip the discover class and dive right in? Click here for the full certification class!