About Swim Lessons 2024

How To Register:

Registration can be done in person as always, however, ONLINE is best for the parents who are certain that thier child is in the correct class. If you have any questions about which class your child should be in please give us a call or come by the shop and one of our crew members will be about to help!

Group and Private (1:1) Lessons

Emerald Coast Scuba is proud to offer group lessons and individual lessons. Our lessons are designed to cater to each child’s individual needs and abilities. We designed a program that caters to every child’s individual needs. These lessons are structured to promote familiarisation with the water, safety in and around the water, correct stroke technique and stroke development; all in a safe and fun environment. We have trained lifeguards on the pool deck and all Instructors earned a certification thru Starfish Aquatics, an internationally recognised swim program!

TOT (Parent & Tot)

This class is for swimmers ranging in age from 6 months to 3 years. This is a base for acclimation to the water, lifesaving skills and progresses to basic swimming skills. Skills will be assessed in class and each student will have personalised ability goals. Parents are in the water learning how to work with
their little swimmer on the skills. Tots will be given Safety Benchmarks and Swim Benchmarks leading to the Youth Swim Program!

Youth (3-12 Years)

The Youth class is for swimmers ranging in ages from 3 to 12 years. This class focuses on safety in and around the water, as well as beginner swimming technique. We have 5 levels: white, red, yellow, blue and green. Students are assessed on Day 1 and will work up to the next level. Each level has Skill Steps that lead up to a Swim Benchmark to pass to the next leve. We also introduced a Safety Benchmark for each level. For example, the Safety Benchmark for the White level is to ask for permission before entering the water, but by the Green level our Safety Benchmark is to have a disorientating entry in street clothes and find the wall safely!

Stroke School (6 - Adult)

The Stroke School is for swimmers who want to develop their swimming strokes. We teach all 4 competitive strokes, Front Crawl (Freestyle), Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. We teach racing starts and flip turns. We also focus on swimming endurance and fitness. Your young swimmer can be a graduate of our Youth Program or after a swim skill assessment can start directly with Stroke Skill.

Contact us for more details and sign ups.

Swimming On the Spectrum (Spec Ops)

Swimming on the Spectrum is for swimmers ranging in age from 3 to Adult with gifted talents. We start with a meeting to assess where your swimmer is on the Spectrum and further discuss expectations for swim skill improvement We start our swimmers as a single student with an instructor with the goal of leading to a group lesson. Our end goal is always, to have our swimmers be able to self rescue! This is offered weekly or as single, daily courses. Please contact us for sign

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