Rental & Services

Rental & Service

We got you covered! Just bring your swim suit, we got the rest!

Flag Rental (Required by FL Law) $10.00
Weight Belt & Weight $10.00
Weights $8.00
Wetsuit $20.00
Computer $20.00
Regulator w/o Computer $20.00
Regulator w/ Computer $30.00
Mask, Snorkel & Fins $20.00
BCD (weight integrated) w/ Weights $30.00
Nitrox Fills $15.00
Tank $10.00
Air Fills $8.00
Nitrox Tank $17.00

Additional Terms & Conditions

Equipment left over 30 days is subject to storage fees

Equipment left over 90 days is subject to become property of Emerald Coast Scuba

Repairs are completed within 14 days, a $30 rush charge may be applied if needed


What you need, to rent from us!

  • Certification Card (CC if not certified.)
  • Full payment of rental equipment.
  • Rental prices are for the day, must be returned before closing time.


  • All cylinders needing fills, must have current hydro & visual testing by a certified tech.
  • Cylinders used for gas mix other than air, must be properly cleaned and labeled.
  • We will not fill aluminum cylinders with an original hydro prior to 1990.
  • Turn around times: Visual – 1 week, Hydro – 1-2 weeks, Regulator – 2 week