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EQUIPMENT RENTAL Rental and Service


We've got you covered! Just bring your swim suit and we'll handle the rest!

Flag Rental (Required by FL Law) $10.00
Weight Belt & Weight $10.00
Weights $8.00
Wetsuit $20.00
Computer $20.00
Regulator w/o Computer $20.00
Regulator w/ Computer $30.00
Mask, Snorkel & Fins $20.00
BCD (weight integrated) w/ Weights $30.00
Nitrox Fills $15.00
Air Fills $8.00
Nitrox Rental $17.00
Air Rental $10.00


What you need, to rent from us:

  • Certification Card (CC if not certified)
  • Full payment of rental equipment
  • Rental prices are for the day, must be returned before closing time.



  • All cylinders needing fills, must have current hydro & visual testing by a certified tech.
  • Cylinders used for gas mix other than air, must be properly cleaned and labeled.
  • We will not fill aluminum cylinders with an original hydro prior to 1990.
  • Turn around times: Visual – 1 week, Hydro – 1-2 weeks, Regulator – 2 week

Additional Terms & Conditions

  • Equipment left over 30 days is subject to storage fees.
  • Equipment left over 90 days is subject to become property of Emerald Coast Scuba.
  • Repairs are completed within 14 days, a $30 rush charge may be applied if needed.